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July 21, 2019

War and Gas: Loss of Ukrainian gas transit does increase the risk of military conflict



August 29, 2018

Bulgarian Scapegoat for the Failure of Russian Pipeline Project



March 29, 2018

Power of Siberia investment cost unaffected by the reduction of pipeline length



January 21, 2018

Base-load flow of Nord Stream vs peak-load flow via Ukraine



September 28, 2017

Gas production cost at $33.84/mcm



June 21, 2017

Gazprom has about 3 Trillion Rubles in assets under construction



March 6, 2017

Nord Stream AG revenue not related to the volume of gas delivered to Germany



January 24, 2017

Gazprom "streams" designed to kill gas transit business in Eastern Europe



January 21, 2017

Gas production cost stable at $0.9/MMBtu



December 14, 2016

Nord Stream cannot replace Ukrainian transit



October 19, 2016

Security disadvantage of Nord Stream


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