Gazprom pipelines and export capacity

Газопроводы Газпрома и экспортные мощности

Gas pipelines of West Siberia

Газопроводы Западной Сибири

Export flows of Gazprom

Экспортные потоки

Spot, Gazprom, Brent

Цены на нефть и газ

End-use price of gas

Russia and USA

Daily gas production

Суточная добыча

Selected Maps and Schemes of Gas Pipelines of Russia and the FSU

Gazprom Pipelines in the FSU

ЕСГ России

West Siberia

Yamal Fields

Ukrainian Pipelines


Export Terminals

Turkmen gas distance

Pipeline Ruptures

Yamal Shelf

Gas Storage Facilities

Pipelines of Belorussia

Gas Pipelines of Belarus

Nabucco & Caspian Pipeline

Gas Pipelines of Europe & Asia

Altay Pipeline to China

Baltic Gas Pipelines

Baltic States & Finland

Газопроводы Ямала

Gas pipelines of Yamal

South Stream & Ukrainian Shelf

South Stream & Nabucco

Украинский транзит-янв-2009

Ukrainian transit, Jan-2009

Czech transit in 2018

Scheme of Ukrainian pipelines

Storage facilities of Gazprom

ПХГ Газпрома

Южный поток (новая)

South Stream (new)

Yamal - South Stream

South Stream shortcut

Black Sea shelf

Шельф Чёрного моря

South Stream & South. Corridor

Pincer Movement


Russia & Ukraine

Ukrainian gas pipelines

Газопроводы Украины


Turkish Stream

TurkStream & SGC




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