Gazprom pipelines and export capacity

Газопроводы Газпрома и экспортные мощности

Gas pipelines of West Siberia

Газопроводы Западной Сибири

Export flows of Gazprom

Экспортные потоки

Spot, Gazprom, Brent

Цены на нефть и газ

End-use price of gas

Russia and USA

Daily gas production

Суточная добыча

Winter exports of Russian gas to Europe depend on the weather and Vladimir Putin

In Q1-2016, Gazprom exported to Europe 44.4 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas. This is 29% higher than Q1-2015, though just 4% above the level of Q1-2014.

The record volume of 47.6 bcm was exported in Q1-2008. The lowest result of 29.1 bcm was shown in Q1-2009 when Vladimir Putin ordered Gazprom to reduce gas supplies through Ukraine to Europe. As Mr Putin said later: - "Eventually, we reduced it to zero".

The second lowest result of 34.4 bcm was achieved in Q1-2015 when Mr Putin materialized his threat to "punish" European companies for reverse gas flows from the EU to Ukraine.

The third lowest export volume of 34.7 bcm was reported in Q1-2007 because of the record warm winter.

In general, winter exports of Russian gas depend on the weather and the mood of Vladimir Putin. The winter demand seems to be less sensitive to the price.

Mikhail Korchemkin

East European Gas Analysis

Malvern, PA, USA


May 17, 2016

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