Gazprom pipelines and export capacity

Газопроводы Газпрома и экспортные мощности

Gas pipelines of West Siberia

Газопроводы Западной Сибири

Export flows of Gazprom

Экспортные потоки

Spot, Gazprom, Brent

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End-use price of gas

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Daily gas production

Суточная добыча

Miller's Math

Alexey Miller misreports the 2011 performance of Gazprom

CEO of Gazprom briefed the President of Russia on the company's performance in 2011. According to Mr. Miller, the year "ended on a positive note". "First of all, we are pleased that we outstripped the target volumes we had set for 2011 by approximately 7.5 billion cubic metres of gas," the head of Gazprom reported. "Overall, Gazprom extracted and supplied to the market over 513 billion cubic metres of gas, including over 150 billion delivered to Europe."

It is worth noting that the reported numbers are lower than the recent forecasts of Mr. Miller.

Forecasted and Reported Performance of Gazprom in 2011

 Gas production


Gazprom's forecast of June 9, 2011


Miller's report to Putin, December 3, 2011

about 520

Miller's report to D.Medvedev, January 11, 2012

over 513

Reported volume


Exports to Europe (incl. Turkey)


Miller's report at the Shareholders Meeting, June 25, 2011


Miller's report to Putin, December 3, 2011

over 151

Miller's report to D.Medvedev, January 11, 2012

over 150

Reported volume


The actual 2011 export volumes may be lower than reported by Alexey Miller.

Mikhail Korchemkin

East European Gas Analysis

Malvern, PA, USA

January 12, 2012



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