Gazprom pipelines and export capacity

Газопроводы Газпрома и экспортные мощности

Gas pipelines of West Siberia

Газопроводы Западной Сибири

Export flows of Gazprom

Экспортные потоки

Spot, Gazprom, Brent

Цены на нефть и газ

End-use price of gas

Russia and USA

Daily gas production

Суточная добыча

TurkStream to increase competition in Balkan gas markets

The $20+Billion TurkStream project of Gazprom may have a surprising side effect. If commissioned, the new pipeline can increase competition in the gas markets of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Macedonia.


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Mikhail Korchemkin

East European Gas Analysis

Malvern, PA, USA


August 21, 2016

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