Gazprom pipelines and export capacity

Газопроводы Газпрома и экспортные мощности

Gas pipelines of West Siberia

Газопроводы Западной Сибири

Export flows of Gazprom

Экспортные потоки

Spot, Gazprom, Brent

Цены на нефть и газ

End-use price of gas

Russia and USA

Daily gas production

Суточная добыча

EEGA in the News - Selected Publications 2010  (click here for publications in Russian)

Belarus presses Moscow for gas discount


Dec. 24, 2010. But this is a weak argument because within Russia, which is certainly a united economic space, because the domestic gas prices vary widely from region to region.

Pledges but No Breakthrough at Caspian Talks

The Moscow Times

Nov. 19, 2010. If there was an agreement about the Caspian, he said, the issue of a 200-kilometer trans-Caspian pipeline from Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan, to Baku would become a “purely bilateral matter between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.”

ANALYSIS-U.S. noses into Russia's gas domain


Nov. 9, 2010. "LNG supplies from the United States can help lower gas prices in Europe and Asia and ultimately help lift prices in the States," said Mikhail Korchemkin.

Gazprom Second-Quarter Profit Declines 12%, Beats Estimates

Nov. 8, 2010. Gazprom’s share of gas exports to Europe is shrinking as suppliers including Norway and Qatar offer more flexible terms, said Mikhail Korchemkin.

Gazprom profits soar despite European price falls

BBC News

Nov. 8, 2010. Over the past decade, Russia's share of gas imports to western Europe has fallen from 39% to 27%, according to East European Gas Analysis, a US-based firm.

Russia’s Medvedev Visits Algeria to Discuss European Gas Exports

Oct. 5, 2010. Russia’s share of gas imports by European members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shrank to 27 percent in the first half of 2010 from 39 percent in 2000, Mikhail Korchemkin <..> said last month.

Russia buys Azeri gas to keep EU market -analysts


Sep. 3, 2010. As soon as a negative investment decision is given on Nabucco, as soon as there is no more threat, Gazprom will stop buying Azeri gas. This is what they did with Turkmenistan.

Russia Opening Iran Nuclear Plant Helps Bid to Be Power Broker

Aug. 19, 2010. “Just keeping up tensions in the region is beneficial to Russia because they keep up the price of crude oil and block Iranian gas from the world market,” said Mikhail Korchemkin.

Putin's Global Gas Plan Falters as Gazprom Dithers on LNG

Aug. 4, 2010. “The LNG market is developing too fast for Gazprom to catch up,” said Korchemkin, managing director at the consultant. “Gazprom should rather worry about keeping its share in the European market.”

Gazprom and US shale gas ‘myth’


July 16, 2010. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Gazprom founds a European Groundwater Protection Organization. Financing the environmentalists may ease competition in European gas markets.”

Russia, Belarus gas talks fail, cut-off looms


June 19, 2010. Poland can import Russian gas via Ukraine and Germany can receive it through Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, said Mikhail Korchemkin.

Russia's Gazprom mulls foray into U.S. shale gas


June 8, 2010. "Gazprom is moving into the U.S. shale gas to get first-hand knowledge about the new technology and its own future," Mikhail Korchemkin <..> said.

Ukraine asks Russia for Central Asia gas access


May 18, 2010. Ukraine is the most profitable market of Gazprom. Currently, exports to Ukraine generate $236 per 1,000 cubic meters net of export duties and transit costs, compared to $155 for exports to Germany. Theoretically, it is possible to restore the freedom of transit of Central Asian gas, but not to Ukraine... Gazprom is unlikely to give any share in its best market.

EU gas pipelines face risks from China, weak demand


May 12, 2010. "The Russian projects are political so they don't need any economic justification. Russian pipelines are simply to divert existing deliveries to new routes."<..> "It means the money invested into the pipeline will not generate new profits. They will have new costs. It will reduce profits."

Eastern Europe, Seeking Energy Security, Turns to Shale Gas

The New York Times

May 11, 2010. Mikhail Korchemkin <..> said the lack of commercial information was why the early Polish concessions would be so important. “The results in Poland will show if the investment is recoverable and commercially feasible,” he said.

Ukraine ponders Putin's gas deal 'impromptu'

BBC News

May 10, 2010. "The cost of transporting gas through the South Stream pipeline would be three times higher than via Ukraine," Mr Korchemkin told the BBC.

Now, Where Were We?


Apr. 30, 2010. From the standpoint of European prices and storage fees, one can say that Ukraine is still overpaying for Russian gas or, in Kremlin terms, Naftogaz is subsidizing Gazprom.

Putin Seeks to ‘Unify’ Gazprom, Ukraine’s Naftogaz

Apr. 30, 2010. Control over Naftogaz’s large gas storage capacity in western Ukraine would allow Gazprom to fine-tune flows to Europe according to demand, Mikhail Korchemkin, director of East European Gas Analysis in Malvern, Pennsylvania, said by phone.

Austria Hedges Gas Pipe Bets by Joining Gazprom’s South Stream

Apr. 26, 2010. “Austria is safe. It may get transit revenue from both pipelines,” said Mikhail Korchemkin of East European Gas Analysis. “South Stream may facilitate the development of Nabucco” by allowing it to fill spare capacity in existing transit routes to supply eastern Europe, he said.

Russia Wields $40 Billion to End Ukraine Gas War, Win Navy Deal

Apr. 22, 2010. “It looks like a peace treaty after a war,” said Mikhail Korchemkin <..>. “This deal will be valid as long as Ukraine behaves. If they do something the Kremlin doesn’t like, the discount will be canceled.”

Deal Struck on Gas, Black Sea Fleet

The Moscow Times

Apr. 22, 2010. “The new price will no doubt help Ukraine's economic recovery,” said Mikhail Korchemkin, director of East European Gas Analysis, a U.S.-based consultancy. “It's first of all useful for Russia, as it sells a lot of goods and services to Ukraine.”

Gazprom adjusts gas pricing to defend market share


Apr. 16, 2010. In the absence of consensus about supply cuts, he said he expected the forum’s meeting to produce “general words on co-ordination without any specific meaning.”

Investors sceptical on Gazprom payout

The Moscow News

Apr. 1, 2010. "I do not believe in [these reports of] record dividends," said Mikhail Korchemkin, director of East European Gas Analysis. "Gazprom is short of cash [and] it would be difficult to pay any dividends at all."

Gazprom adjusts gas pricing to defend market share


Feb. 19, 2010. "Gazprom is unable to sell any more gas under the old oil-indexed price formula. Breaking the oil link is the only way to get additional profits from European gas sales," said Mikhail Korchemkin.

Gazprom May Ship Shtokman LNG to Europe, Less to U.S.

Feb. 17, 2010. “A fast nickel is better than slow dime,” Korchemkin said in e-mail today. “Gazprom has to use any opportunity to sell additional gas to Europe.”

US shale creates Gazprom rivalry

The Moscow News

Feb. 15, 2010. "If European producers reach half the speed of their US counterparts, the mid-term incremental demand will be met by European unconventional gas and the other half by LNG," said Mikhail Korchemkin.

Yanukovych seeks bigger gas role for Kiev

The Moscow News

Feb. 11, 2010. Mikhail Korchemkin <..> said it was impossible to pump 200 billion cubic metres of gas per year through Ukraine, as "Gazprom's existing contracts - including Nord Stream - total 190 billion cubic metres."

New Ukraine leader may still drive hard bargain on gas


Feb. 8, 2010. "Yanukovich is pragmatic and he will try to solve all issues in a peaceful way. Political differences will be fading and both sides have a good chance to reach a compromise," he said predicting that South Stream could be abandoned over time.

Gazprom delays giant Shtokman gas field by 3 years


Feb. 5, 2010. Korchemkin said there was no guarantee the project would be launched at that time. "It will depend on whether Europe finds shale gas and on the progress of rival LNG projects in Qatar and Australia. The United States won't need this LNG neither by 2017, nor by 2025, so the competition will focus on Europe and Asia," he said.

Gas panel, Russia 2010 Forum

Russia 2010

Feb. 4, 2010. Gas Session, Russia 2010 Forum, Moscow (video).

Nabucco pipeline faces headwinds in crucial year


Jan. 29, 2010. "In general Nabucco is a very good project but it is too early for Nabucco to be introduced," said Mikhail Korchemkin of U.S-based East European Gas Analysis. "The current gas glut is likely to postpone (it)." He predicted the pipeline will be built because it is the best way to get gas from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to Europe.

E.ON to pay Gazprom for underlifting contract gas

ICIS Heren

Jan. 25, 2010. If the German company lifted only 16Gmł and the average full contractual gas price for 2009 was $270/thousand cubic metres (kmł), then E.ON could owe Gazprom $250m-$400m. Gazprom's take-or-pay minimum volume is said to be set at 85-90%. Unlifted take-or-pay minimum gas is charged at 75% of the full price of the gas.

Kremlin feuds with Belarus over oil, gas

The Moscow News

Jan. 25, 2010. "Most importantly, the expensive bypassing pipelines will not increase the export volumes and profits of Gazprom," he said.

U.S. Overtakes Russia as Biggest Natural Gas Producer

Jan. 12, 2010. Gazprom’s share of the European market may fall further as it refuses to show flexibility by giving a temporary price discount to European buyers, Korchemkin said.

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